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Tears of a Phoenix
I am Destruction
I am pain
I am Sarrow
I am Joy
I am Innocence
I am Creation
I am Fire made flesh
I am Phoenix
days past
Aug. 20th, 2010 @ 07:07 pm Untitled Song
unto the Darkness
To flutter and fall
unto the darkness
come one come all
Feb. 18th, 2008 @ 12:41 am Untitled Song
The Tune : I'll find my way home- Crash OST
new horrizonsCollapse )
May. 13th, 2007 @ 11:42 pm Untitled Song
The melody is: depressedemo
tear out my heart
the ugly blackened thing
tear out my heart
it was broken to begin with
foolish was I
to think that you
could possibly set me free
foolish was I
to think that someone
could love me

just walk away from me now
stop the hurting
the pain and the ach
just walk away
for I no longer want to see your face
you decive me through smiles and warm lips
that you would decive me so
the way you lied and betrayed
jsut walk away form me now
your essance nausiates me
jsut tear out my heart
I dont need it any more
abandon me
as you did my love and affections
just walk away from me
tear out my heart
abandon your broken lies
leave me to wither and die

oh shut up. -.-; I'm alowed to feel and angst sometimes too so fuck the hell off
May. 12th, 2007 @ 11:11 am Untitled Song
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Feb. 12th, 2007 @ 09:30 am Untitled Song
The melody is: boredbored
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There can be only one highlander!
Sep. 5th, 2006 @ 04:24 am Vana'Diel
Current Location: Lower Jeuno
The melody is: restlessrestless
thsi grewling prosess of training is insainly....mind numbing. I supose on many levels I'm thankful, others I'm rahter saddened. I've always been solitary despite my love of people, however the moment I seam to gain real friends they are in some form or fassion pulled fromme. I understand the concept of needing to do things but as I am now, I fear they might be hurt and thus the reason they have not returned.
I've almost trained hard enough to gainthe ability of Raise, it brings a person back to life. its' rahter a fascinating concept and I'd love to udnerstand truely how it works. there's almsot a natural feeling to being a White mage, healing and helping others. but then.....the black mage is rather comfortable as well. I think daminewoudl have liked Turk. We were two drunken Blakmages hitting it up on the Dunes. our party was insain pulling down flys befor we should have. and Turk and I perfected a NEW form of fighting....drunken spell casting. We casted and regained our mp untill we all pased out in the little tree owasis in the dunes and slept till morning safly by some means.
I had aquired an Egg not long ago, a Chocobo. now a Chocobo-or as I say Cho- are large creatures that run like ostritch look like road runners and work like horses. theya re creatures of intence endurance and speed. I'e always had a fondness of animals, it rahter shocked me after I looked back on my youth that it wasn't untill 14 did I have a pet, a camien, mini crockadile. lived for many years untill he died of an infection. I missed him. called him bob...because I was a smartass little kid. so I took this creature to the stables and loe and behold... hand it to the headmaster and he puts it ina separate stall and tells me to come visit whenever I wish. well seeing how my mog house when I'm backin Sand'Oria has only a rug in it to sleep on I slept besides the egg in the soft hay-when Islept. obtaining my chocobo licence was intence let me tell you.s ome very solitary nights in Dagulf Wadi.
The Egg hatched yesterday and Icudlnt be mroe proud! a cute yellow Female Cho! today she made a friend, the headstablemaster's chick named Sky. I've yet to name her... I was going to call her Susaku, after the godess/phoenix of the southern skys since she came from Jeuno, but Hameilton looked at me oddly and said it had to be a "Common" name. they have a vast virity of words that Ic oudl use for a name, wing hawk or dark thunder for the Cho, but no...Susaku is how I see her. they will alow me to call her Phoenix, but it has to be Phoenix Soemthing. Stupid purebread breeding types! I thought Phoenix Song! because it sounds likea musical note when she krels.....but no Song is not avaliable. *sigh* I'll ahve to think of somethign later.

tonight was interesting. I was thinking of Soloing in Jungar Forest since I've gotten rather low on money....and I mean I'm too poor to even buy cure III or raise. infact I had to beg the stable hand to let me rent a cho for only 50 gil rahter then the 75 from Sandy that it normaly costs. Well soloing was out of the question as I had a fellow adventurer call to me askign me to join his party on Quiffim Island. THat place is incredable. there's a mystery and such an anchent voice from the spires and towers that grow like a bulbed plant from the ground. the shy is usualy lightning and yet every so often colors dance across the sky much like the arora borialus. well... so I go. Tripr was there agian, antoehr Elvaan whom Iv'e partied with befor. a very quick footed monk with weapons that make me think of my fahter's Claws. It was good to see him and I was glad he remembered me! there was even a HL who came by and teased me about always haeing to save mya ss...which he did twice a few days befor and then agian tonight. All in good fun but hopefully soon, I'll beable to take many of those monsters and save others from the fate's I've nearly been thrust into!
tonight we had two pugil's link and they quickly began ripping hte party appart, we lost one member because I was unable to cure the two main takers befor the one died. others starte dto go quicklya s well and I used my last resort, the finnal effort any whm has, a spell called Bennidiction. you call forth powers from beyond and give your party life agian. I saved most of them, however when you cure, creatures hate you because you're keepign what theya re tryingto kill, alive....bennidiction grants you hate beyond hate! suddenly you become the bane of their whole exsistance and they and some creatures near will do their all to kill you. I casted the spell and started running screamign back tothe others "RUN! if you think you can kill it I belive in you, but if you have doubt RUN!" of course the mosnter went for me, tackle and killed me as quickly as it could. two hits and I was done for.
when I came to the party was there stareing wide eyed at me.
"Awesome use of your 2hour!" "That was great!" "I dont udnerstand the WHM Saved us but died?!"
I smiled and said it was the least I coudl do for the ones who protect me. if the monster can hit me and yet I can save my pty even one hit from the monster, then I'll gladly take the hit, if I ahve to die so that the toehrs will live, then that's ok as well.
they shook their heads "Man for a White Mage you talk like a Warrior! Best we've seen! glad you're on our team!"
And where the words were nothing but encouragement and praise, my fellow Party members were happy to have me arround. however I felt a ping. more then a pingreally. I smiled to them and kneeled, but ther was a downswing in otherwise content emotions. I had the thoghts of a warrior becasue I was taught by one. I think like a warrior becasue I had one teach me how to survive in this world, gave me the basics to live. I have a warrior whom I'm trying my best to grow and become a stronger WHM so that when he finnaly shows back up and hopefully with our other friend.... I wil beable to stand backa nd keep them alive, protect them n my own way jsut as they protect me.
Never thought I would miss that damn smelly dragon so goddamn much-but damnit he's my best friend.
Aug. 20th, 2006 @ 11:53 am Untitled Song
The melody is: calmchill
The Tune : paranoid android
wow.... I had almsot compelatly forgotten jsut gone on without a thought or even idea of what day it was. though I supose it doesnt really count anymore right? I mean afterall I died and was reborn, so does that mean I relinquish this day as my birthday? jsut a passign thought, passing idea but not more to thin baout thenthat.
found a little bottle of milk i the fridge that said it was strawberry....but it was white, drank it and it tasted like strawberry. it was exspired-- the sweetness had covered the taste, so now I have an upset stomach. damn.
Jul. 6th, 2006 @ 10:58 pm Untitled Song
got Yahoomessanger now as well....
under Jade_Feathers@yahoo.com might go over to trillian........might.
Apr. 24th, 2006 @ 12:15 pm Is it someone you know....
The melody is: hothot
Ever felt like something was wrong.... Is it someone you know?Collapse )
Mar. 7th, 2006 @ 11:20 pm Untitled Song
....real life has raped my online time.be on when I can.